When done correctly, Hypnotheraphy on line or via the telephone can be very successful. When a Hypnotherapy Office is not available to you, this may be your answer.             You will be required to use a handsfree headset. The first Session will last between one and onehalf to two hours.  You will see improvement with your first session, often one session is all that is required!       To prepare yourself, set aside  TWO  hours of completely uninterupted time.     Turn off all phones, cell phones and doorbells. You may consider putting a "Do Not Knock" sign on your door.    Soft  background music is suggested. Music only, a voice singing in the background is distracting.   A comfortable place to sit, providing back and neck support is essential.                                                           Your first Session will cost $110.00  Any additional Session  will cost $55.00.  All Sessions will be paid for at the beginning of the Session by credit card.                                     
If you are intersted in changing your Life thru Hypnotheraphy contact me to set up     an appointment for a Session.      Please include your name,,phone number,,location..age..and a brief discription of yourself and the problem     you wish to address:                                                      Linda Montaldo CHT                                      lindakeeper@cox.net                       504 287 5313 or  504 846 9598 I am available for Personal Sessions at               my office in Metairie, Louisiana