I have always been frightened in large crowds and pretty much anywhere  I am not familiar with. This has been a daily fear for me. Since undergoing hypnosis past life regression these fears are gone! This has given me a freedom I didn't expect to explore new places and new people!  Christina S.
I have spent my life preprogramed for failure. I was my own worse enemy. With hypnotherapy I have begun to appreciate my own worth and strength. This has given me a new outlook and a new lfe. I strongly suggest hypnotherapy.  Mike Z.                                                                                                                                                                              I tried every way possible to stop smoking, until hypnosis nothing worked.  Five months and still smokefree!   Ramona P.                                                                                                                       I was always depressed, never quite happy. Always complaining, always looking for someone to blame. With hypnosis,I learned that happiness comes from within.   linda M
You may reach me at:                                             lindakeeper@cox.net                                              Phone  504 846 9598                                                       504  287 5313                                                              I am also available for Office visits in Metairie, Louisiana