Hypnotherapy is personal therapy which uses hypnosis as a tool.  Simply understood, hypnosis is an altered state of conscoiusness and heightened responsiveness to suggestion. Used in medical and psychiatric care, as well as in mystical,philosophical and religious practices for years, Hypnosis has had amazing results.   Hypnotherapy will allow you to go beyond the conscience mind and reach  your subconscience. In the subconscience we can learn new behavior and  change preexisting concepts. What we beleive in our subconscience mind is WHO we are. These concepts determine our everyday behavior and reactions.   Online hypnotherapy is a proven success.  Now is the time to become the person you want to be with the help of hypnotherapy. Linda Montaldo CHT                      To learn more click here
You can reach me for an online session or phone session:                                                       lindakeeper@cox.net                                               linda 504 289 8368   or   Joe  504 400 7194                                                                                                Personal Session are available in my office in Metairie, Louisiana are in our new home in Henderson point Ms
Linda Montaldo CHT   Certified Hypnotherapist
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